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Our Mission 

We are freeing the creative spirit through transpersonal experiences, education and the expressive arts.


Soul Studies Institute is a community of faculty and students committed to healing and transformation as we increase our awareness of soul's journey into expanding consciousness.  We are here to teach people the secrets of the universe, release the past and create a new life filled with health, vitality, freedom, happiness, youthing and love.


We are educating current and aspiring practitioners of the helping professions.  

We guide, teach, mentor and supervise students toward their highest potential and being.

Student Handbook


Soul Studies Institute


Soul Studies Institute, (SSI) is a 501(c)3 educational organization was founded in 2001 by James and Wendyne Limber. All these years SSI has been committed to enlightening and teaching those who desire to help people heal and transform their lives as they become therapists, coaches,
and leaders in the world. 


Transpersonal Curriculum


As a transpersonal program, this training goes beyond traditional psychology as we explore and open to the deeper meaning of life, nature, spirituality, mystical experiences, states of consciousness and expansion toward our highest potential and being. We believe that our past programming and original imprints hold the secrets to our behaviors and personality.


The Imagination Process™


The Imagination Process is our core work.

Students of the process begin as participants in The Imagination Process - 3 phases/21 weeks of transformation.


The Imagination Process works to change lives as participants experience a depth exploration of the patterns and beliefs about Self and the world, which create their present reality and are given the tools to create new realities and personal dreams. 

Student PreRequisites

We are looking for students who embrace the healing and transformational work in an extraordinary way.

Each student is required to heal and transform core wounds before working with others and being that person who is a role model, teacher and coach, inspiring 

clients in the process.

Click to discover these prerequisites for success below.

Training Intention

Our basic goals and transpersonal teachings will prepare the Transformation Life Coach, or Shamanic Minister to:

 - Work with others in your own practice to discover/transform wounds from the past:  access inner wisdom and inspiration: discover core beliefs that create the future...

- Assist in The Imagination Process as a Transformation Coach


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