Life Coaching Degree, Training and Certification

Life coaching offers a unique education path. Read on to find out what you’ll study.

What certification is available?

In order to become employed as a life coach, you’ll need to earn a certificate through a life coach training program. You do not need a four-year degree, which makes life coaching a great career solution for those who are returning to school, didn’t have the opportunity to attend college or are looking for a career change in a quick amount of time.

In addition to your certificate, it’s also recommended that you earn your certification, which is separate from your training. Your life coaching certification can be obtained through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and signifies that you meet international standards for life coaching. You do not need this certification to work as a life coach, but it will help improve your reputability and earning potential.

What will I learn in my courses?

Most life coaching programs focus largely on effective communication tactics, as well as motivation skills and techniques. Specific classes or training sessions will depend on your program, but an example of what you’ll learn includes:

  • Results-driven life coaching and the life coaching process

  • Goal setting and action steps

  • Developing professional client/coach relationships

  • Record keeping and confidentiality

  • Ethics

  • Business topics for building a life coaching practice

How long will it take?

Earning your life coaching certificate could take you anywhere from 16 to 100 hours to complete, depending on your program. Whether you choose a shorter program or a longer one generally doesn’t matter. Often online programs can be completed more quickly, but this doesn’t diminish their value.

Are online programs available?

You can absolutely complete your life coaching program online—in fact, there are many benefits of doing so. Online programs have some of the following advantages:

  • Quicker completion time

  • Less costly than on-campus programs

A great online program will offer everything you need to become a certified life coach, including courses, class materials and professional coaching tools.

How much will my education cost?

The average cost* for a life coaching program ranges from $1,500 to $8,000. Entry-level and advanced training programs are available to match your current coaching experience. Schools that offer advanced life coaching training or specialized training likely will allow you to take courses as your finances permit so that you can spread the tuition costs over the course of several months.

*Cost of tuition only. Prices do not reflect other fees, books, room and board.

Are there prerequisites?

If you wish to become a life coach, you don’t need to worry about your prerequisites or past experience. Life coaching is an exciting and growing profession that welcomes people from all backgrounds and experiences.

Because of this, life coaching is an ideal career choice for individuals who are seeking a career change or who haven’t had the opportunity to attend a four-year university.

What accreditation is there for my program?

When you’re seeking a life coaching program, you’ll want to find one that is accredited by the International Coach Federation. This organization reviews life coaching programs to determine if they’ve met the highest standards recognized in the industry. Accreditation is also necessary if you plan to apply for financial aid.