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The Soul Studies Institute Internship & Community Clinic  is the training clinic where our students work with clients from the community.  Clients work with therapists and Life Coach trainees under supervision of Wendyne Limber, MA, LMFT, RDT-BCT.

If you are working with one of our therapists or coaches in training - WELCOME to our work, therapy and coaching at Soul Studies Institute in SOULVILLE of Stuart, Florida.  

Below are FORMS for the Intern Clients to Complete:

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Payments for Services in the Internship & Community Clinic are done by DONATION according to our sliding scale agreement between Client and Intern Therapist/Coach.
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Assignment #2:  Study of The Ethics of Caring by Kylea Taylor
ABOUT THIS BOOK:  The Ethics of Caring is written for all caregivers, including psychotherapists, bodyworkers, medical practitioners, clergy, hypnotherapists, and acupuncturists, who want to become more conscious in their relationships with clients. It provides unique help to volunteer and professional caregivers who want to sort out confusing ethical dilemmas in seven categories including love, truth, insight, and oneness as well as the more well-known ethical issues of money, sex, and power. Ethical issues pertain to longings, feelings, and motivations which resonate at our very core. Powerful, shared experiences in the context of the therapeutic relationship can bring to the surface compelling fears, needs, and longings in both the client and the caregiver. It offers a new model of self-examination which deepens the therapeutic relationship and can prevent the harmful consequences of ethical misconduct.
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Assignment 3 - Radical Forgiveness and Communicating in Love Kindness

An integral aspect of this entire training, part of Supervision and Transpersonal Counseling, are the teachings and practice of  Radical Forgiveness, Communicating  In Loving Kindness (Fair Fighting); and perhaps we can also call this a model for Conflict Resolution. Both professionally and personally - it is important that you become proficient in this practice so to be a good role model and teacher of the work.


Radical Forgiveness  - developed by Colin Tipping in his book by the same name is a "transpersonal method" for resolving conflicts with other people - family members, friends, colleagues... in which we come from a higher place, a place of non-violence and negativity, non judgment and criticism - a place of no blame - a place of unconditional love.

When we are free and have released our own toxic pain from old emotional wounds, we are able to practice communicating in loving kindness, not blaming anyone for our re-actions to them; yet expressing our FEELINGS, reactions and interpretation of any experience with another; becoming clear about what it has triggered or activated in our own body/mind; and taking responsibility for our reactions and experiences. 

This is so important when working with couples; as many couples come in for counseling because they are fighting or blaming each other for their feelings and whatever is going on in the relationship/marriage.




NEXT I call your attention to Principle 29 in "Intimacy Without Responsibility" also a part of your training:

                            Principle 29: I never again need to blame you or even me for

                            problems in  our relationship.  Instead, I will take  responsibility

                            for my creations.


Intimacy without Responsibility adheres to the No Blame principle. If you blame your partner for what he or she is doing to you, you will not heal. As long as you are blaming another person, you are a victim. Instead, it is important to think, ” I have re-created my past feelings and negative beliefs about myself. When I was young, my dad left me and I “begged him not to go. So, now I think you are going to leave too, and then I react.”


And next, you think, “My reaction and feeling was based on my old belief system that dad will leave and he must not love me or want me… and this situation feels similar. I have attracted this situation so that I can heal the original pain! What a wonderful thing!”

This work is about taking 100% responsibility for what it is that I am experiencing in my life and in my relationship challenges. This time, instead of reacting the same old way, re-living the pattern over and over, I am willing to take responsibility for my creation. In so doing, I am not blaming myself either. My soul has assisted me in re-creating a similar experience, so I can heal. In truth, this all means that I am moving toward wholeness.

I choose now to perceive my life from this viewpoint. In this way, I never again need to blame anyone for anything. This does not mean that I will never feel angry or resentful or scared... and I may react again. The thing is—I will PROCESS the experience through and apply this powerful way of being with it.”


Excerpt From: Wendyne Limber MA LMFT RDT-BCT. “Intimacy Without Responsibility.” iBooks.


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Download Colin Tipping's Radical Forgiveness worksheet and complete it for a current issue/reaction/problem you are now experiencing.
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Write a paper about how you are using the Feelings Formula/Loving Kindness Communication work with your current clients in supervision; and with your own personal family, friends and colleagues.
Feelings Formula/Loving Kindess Communication PDF